7 Ways To Save Thousands On Your Monthly Expenses

Are you looking for ways to save more money every month? One of the best and simplest ways to achieve this is by looking for ways to spend less without having to give up, cut back or sacrifice much if any. Spending less money on your monthly expenses can help you to save up to $300 per month or more without having to give up anything.

Save money on your cable

Check your cable company’s competitor to find out if they have introductory offers. Then, call your cable company to find out if they have any retention bonuses or specials. These specials and bonuses can help you save hundreds of dollars for a year without having to change your plan. You can also save by changing the channels in your current package or returning the cable boxes that you rarely use, which can help you save a few additional dollars per month.

Lower your monthly internet bill

Over the last few years, there has been a rise in the number of internet providers competing for business. Do your research on the available new customer offers to compare the costs. Before terminating business with your current provider, contact them and ask them if they can match the competitor’s price. They might end up matching the price and improving your internet speed. The difference can go to your savings each month.

Car music

While listening to satellite radio when driving makes the ride even more enjoyable, the money you spend on these services can be reduced significantly to earn some savings. Contact your provider to see if they can offer the same package, but at a discounted price.

Also, consider switching to a monthly contract as opposed to an annual one. This enables you to cancel anytime. If you will not be using your car for a month, you will not need to pay for it.

Shop around for cellphone plans

Family plans provide some of the best deals when it comes to cutting down on your cellphone bills. To get this, look for a partner such as your spouse or other family members to share a plan with. For instance, 2 people on a family plan can save up to $75 per month. If the plan has more lines, the higher the savings could rise.

Save on insurance premiums

Check your insurance to see if you are being charged for any privileges and see if you can do without them. For instance, some insurance companies may charge a few extra dollars to make monthly premium and charge nothing if you make 6 monthly payments to save a little more money.

You can also raise the deductibles on your auto and home insurance policies. This way, you will be able to pay for this difference in deductibles through lower insurance costs in just a year or two.


Have you ever considered negotiating your gym or yoga rates? This is another great way to save some extra money each month. Just because a gym charges $100 per month does not mean that you can’t negotiate into a lower fee. Talk to the management and try to bargain for a better deal by offering to pay in advance. If, for example, the monthly membership is $150 whereas an annual membership goes for $900, choosing the annual plan will save you up to 50%. This is equivalent to an extra $75 each month for you to do something else with.  Also, if you rarely go to the gym, consider cancelling the gym membership all together to save some money.

Streaming services

The first thing on this is knowing about the available plans. Compare the different offers from the various streaming channels such as Showmax, Hulu and Netflix, and see which one best suits your budget. If you were initially subscribed to plan that’s taking a toll on your budget, consider downgrading to an affordable one.

Some of these streaming companies offer a referral bonus for every person that you bring on board and signs up. So, always be on the lookout for such discounts to help you save some money.

The other way to save on streaming services is by paying for your plan upfront, especially if you’re going to use them for a while. You see, for most of these companies, paying upfront, say yearly, saves you a lot of money compared to paying for the same on a monthly basis.