How to Travel To the UK on a Student Budget

As a student, you have the luxury of long holidays. During these holidays, can travel and tour the world as you please. Once you embark on your career, you might not have enough time to travel – plus you’ll have a little more responsibility grounding you.

But how can a student afford to travel unless of course, they are from a well-off family? Well, it’s true that most travel experiences don’t come cheap. But on the flip side, it doesn’t mean that you are never going to enjoy the wonderful experiences the UK has to offer. On the contrary, travelling on a student budget makes it more fun. You just need to be keen on the costs and look for affordable options where you can.

There are loads of ways to save money when travelling from Thailand to the UK on a student budget. Here are a few hacks to keep it within a student budget:

Cash transfers

Before you leave Thai, you need to evaluate what budget you are working with. Break everything down to the last coin to help you keep things in perspective.

While it is great to have the entire budget financed before you leave, it’s not a must. You can always have your parents, friends or family top you up while you are in the UK through money transfer services.

And since you’ll be there for a holiday, there’s no point in stressing over opening a Euro account to receive money. A money transfer service like DeeMoney will do. With the DeeMoney app, people from home can send you money instantly and at affordable rates in the comfort of their home.

Travelling by Plane

A huge chunk of the travel budget goes to accommodation and flights. However, neither of these have to be expensive. There are lots of websites that you can leverage and land good deals on flights. A great example is the Skyscanner, which provides you with a list of cheap flight options from Thailand to any city in the UK.

Travelling by Train?

If you are one of those people who love the soothing motion of the train, then the interrail passes in the UK are perfect for you. You can travel to the UK, France, Spain, and Germany on a train. It sounds exciting, right?

The best bit about using interrail passes is that you get to choose a route and customise the trip to your needs and wants. You don’t have the pressure of catching the train at specific times. If you are 25 years and below, you can take advantage of the youth ticket and save loads of cash.

For those who are addicted to Wi-Fi

IDBUS is one of the best bus companies to travel with for those who can’t fathom a trip without Wi-Fi, these buses are equipped with electrical outlets and have Wi-Fi installed.

This bus company is perfect for the tech-savvy or the freelancer students who need to make money as they tour the UK. They are also cheaper in comparison to trains.

Where will you stay?

Staying in expensive hotels is not an option. Why would you want room service when you can whip up a sumptuous meal for yourself? With sites like Generator Hostels, Hostelworld, Airbnb and others, there are loads of options for comfortable and affordable stays. In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to meet and engage the locals and experience a different culture first hand. If you want private accommodation, then Airbnb is your best bet. You can even rent an entire apartment directly from its owner.

Our last bit of advice is not exactly related to budget, but it’s essential, nonetheless. When you have all the travel basics covered, ensure that you have a bag you can carry around with ease – a bag that won’t break your back or weigh you down when you are on the road.

People say that you should travel light, but ideally, that’s for when you are hitting the beach. When you are going to explore and experience the UK, you’ll need to be a little bit more realistic. Pack what you know you’ll need and check on the weather to guide you while packing.