Student Discounts in the US

Student Discounts in the US

Although studying in the US can be expensive, being a student comes with lots of perks and exclusive discounts. All you need to arm yourself with is a student ID and you are good to go.

These discounts provide one of the simplest ways for students to save money. They can help you save money on things you are already paying for and allow you to do things you would otherwise have no spare cash for.

Take advantage of these student discounts in the US to save as much as you can:


Just because you are living on a tight student budget doesn’t mean you need to wear the same old clothes all year round. Fortunately, many clothing stores in the US offer student discounts. These stores include Banana Republic, Topshop, Levi’s, PacSun, ModCloth,  J. Crew, and Madewell among others.


Would you like to experience and explore your state during your free time? Take advantage of museum student discounts that let you explore and see as much as you can without breaking the bank. Museums provide a great past time, where you can explore your college town, especially if you are from a foreign country. It would be hard to find a museum that doesn’t offer student discounts. So make sure to check if your local museum has a student discount.


Entertainment provides a great opportunity for Thai students studying in the US to get to mingle and learn more about their area. Check out your local entertainment spots to see what type of student discounts are being offered. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that most bowling alleys, theatres, sporting events and concert venues offer a discounted price for students. Even if the discounts are not advertised on their website, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Books and magazines

Whenever you are ordering textbooks, magazines or newspaper subscription, always ask if they have any student or education discounts first. Some books and magazines that offer student discounts include;

The New York Times: To receive a student discount rate, you need to provide your college email. This will give you unlimited access to, NYTNow and NYTimes apps with your subscription.

Entertainment Weekly: A student card will get you up to $5 off a year’s subscription.

The Wall Street Journal: This journal lets students pay only a dollar per week for weeks for access to the Wall Street Journal.


This is one of the biggest expenses that students incur. Fortunately, most restaurants in the US, especially fast-casual chains offer student discounts. The same applies to grocery stores which are a place you will definitely find yourself in at some point. So, whenever you step out for a quick bite, make sure you bring along your student ID and look for a food joint where you can get some great discounts on food or groceries.

Sports and fitness

Sports and fitness is a crucial part of any students’ life. It helps them to stay healthy and fit, both physically, mentally and emotionally. Additionally, activities like swimming, yoga, and skiing are social hobbies for most students. Fortunately, many popular sports and fitness centres offer significant student discounts to help you do the activities that contribute to all-around health.

Travel and transit

If your school is located in an area with public transit, ask around to find out whether your school or the city gives students discounted passes. Many colleges and universities in the US give free or discounted public transit passes. This is quite helpful, especially because you may not have a car, plus this public transportation can save on time and gas money.

If you are moving from Thailand to study in the US, you probably know that international money transfer costs can quickly eat into your money, especially since you will be relying on your parents or sponsor to cater for your expenses. This is why you need to look for the most affordable and secure money transfer company to realize significant cost savings.

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Always remember that the key to financial success is being aware of how you are spending your money and saving as much as you can. So, make the most out of these student discounts to enjoy a range of services in the US.